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Welcome to Westerly Life - the digital community designed for the residents of the Westerly area, and beyond!

Reviews & Good News!

What Is Our Mission?

Welcome to WesterlyLife.com - the new address for the Westerly area! Our mission here is to create an online community that is localized to the Westerly area. The Internet has made the world a smaller place for humanity, but it lacks that sense of personal community.

Westerly Life will be providing good news to the residents of the Westerly area. In an age of sensational journalism, all we see on the major news channels is the dark side of humanity. We will focus on the good - we will be highlighting restaurants, people in the community, places of interest, new and established businesses, community events and much more.

Our focus is to make you feel good about your community and provide you with up-to-date information so you have the ability to make informed decisions. Thanks for browsing.